Mog and Meg – our two rescued cats. It is official Meg has moved in, no owners have come forward and the vet says that it is highly unlikely she would go home anyway – it seems once a female strays she won’t go back. She has her first appointment with him next week to check her over although we have treated her for flees and worms already.
Mog our old boy is taking it well, he seems to have accepted her, he is not sure why she keeps attacking his tail but is very tolerant of the scatty kitten like ways she has.
I love the way they nuzzle each other, it is sweet, he is like her protective older brother showing her the ropes and putting up with her routing in his stuff – I took this one this morning on my bed – boy black cats are hard to get !! I altered it to B and W to make the bedding fade into the background. TFL Posted by Picasa


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  1. Dar says:

    I have two black cats and they seem to photograph the best in natural light. The problem is getting to stay where you want them. This photo is wonderful though. Gorgeous kitty.


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