Another attempt at conversions – I just wish I could take the fab pictures you need to make them even more spectacular !! Cait back to her nutty ways and Mog our ever patient cat. Posted by Picasa


4 thoughts on “

  1. SageHen says:

    Beautiful faces, both of them.I have really enjoyed your NPOD. It’s been such fun seeing the differences and similarities in our lives. Like our cat, for instance is totally in charge of DH.


  2. urbanhausfrau says:

    Hi there,I’m Urbanhausfrau, you’ll recognise my name right? 🙂 I love your little kitty, so cute! I have a black cat called Salem 🙂Umm, wondering if you could contact me? I’m in a spot of bother with something online and could use a hand 🙂Trouble logging in, iyswim…


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