My Little Giggle chops

Little Miss Giggle chops, my darling daughter Becca. Hasn’t she got the most amazing eyes ?? My poor eldest is going through it big time at the moment – definitely not a child and not a teenager, she is stuck in the awkward middle as a pre-teen (as her 5 year old sister keeps calling her !!). Stuck with all those things that age brings and a few more problems thrown in for good measure and yet she still smiles for me and puts up with me and my camera and wants hugs. Love her to bits !!
She is my POD today 🙂
I also had some great news ( well I think it is !!) I have had two pieces of work excepted for the Basic Grey gallery.
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7 thoughts on “My Little Giggle chops

  1. Jonzer says:

    Hey Ambs.That really is a gorgeous photo of Becks. It is so hard to believe she’s the same child that threw up on me so many times as a baby back in the last century.🙂J


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