Meg gets neutered

I took this picture this morning – I feel like such a meany at the moment you see our little kitten Meg went to the vets today to be neutered – she has been in heat for a couple of days which was evident from the howling Ginger tom in the back garden and we don’t want her having kittens so we had to do it but the poor thing is so upset this evening – she is sore and achy and miserable and is giving me the look !! You know the “why did you do it !” look. Now if I could just find the owners of the highly annoying Tom cat and get them to sort him out too we might get some peace !!!
I have been scrapping like a mad thing at the moment – so far this week I have done a CJ, 4 layouts, an altered frame , 3 cards and a tag. I am feeling more creative at the moment 😀 Now all I have to do is see if I make it though this round at homegrown scrapbooks – I am sure it will be a hard one for the judges this week as there has been a lot of really amazing work. Posted by Picasa


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