Tooting my horn – loud and proud

Not one for tooting my horn ( honest !! LOL ) I have been asked to be the International Scrapper on Blue Bazaar which is a site in Australia 🙂 my birthplace , where my soul still is !
I am completely thrilled and totally honoured as I love and admire the girls on their design team – the likes of Keisha ( who’s work is just amazing) and ScrapperAL who I know from UKS. This layout is being featured on the front page today – I love this layout and am so glad it was picked.
I think I might have found my mojo too – I cleaned my desk that helped I have done lots of new layouts and I did one yesturday that got a bucket of praise on Two peas ( well a bucket for me !! ) so that has me singing.
I found out today that Cherry Arte has a design team call out – I am so excited about that !! OK so I am up against it but you know if you don’t try you never know – so try I will 😀 Posted by Picasa


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