Art journal pages

I have been playing catch up with my art journal today of all days so here are pages 5 and 6 – and I was caught out by Rhonna’s little trick this morning !! You could practically hear the panic of hundreds of journaller’s as they read that entry – naughty Rhonna 🙂 I am so gullible that Chandra over at manage to get me going for a while by claiming she was jacking it in.
I manage to even trick myself,which is a first.
I was convinced the cybercrop I was teaching at was on this weekend ( don’t ask me why I think lack of sleep had something to do with it !!) so I chucked myself out of bed in a panic as I wanted to make sure I was ready to give the class properly !! Well I was a week too early and getting totally ahead of myself, at least I am very prepared.
I also got a brand new delivery of goodies from Jill at I was very naughty and ordered lots of papers and the new sassafrass lass stamps all sorts of scrunmminess which I hope I will actually use !!
I have such scrappers guilt !! You know where you buy stuff because you think you need new things to make your work pop and then feel bad because you have a tonne of papers from last year that you still haven’t used and you know that no one but a scrapper will care what papers you use in your album – my kids don’t care if it is last years papers and my mum certainly doesn’t I did her album for mother’s day in Chatterbox from a couple of years ago – did she care NOPE she just thinks it is pretty. AAggghhhh !!!
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2 thoughts on “Art journal pages

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