David and Finn got Engaged

I have some fab news – remember my brother David and my nagging that he should marry the lovely Finn – well HE IS they got engaged on Easter Sunday and are getting married next summer. I am so happy she is a lovely girl and we are all thrilled to have her officially a member of the family I couldn’t ask for a better SIL.
I might actually get to do one of my things I want to do before I am 40 – go to the wedding of one of my siblings 🙂
In scrapping news- I am off to Crafteire on Friday , I am excited about the whole thing as I will get to scrap and stroke paper all weekend.
I am still waiting for my new CherryArte papers – how come paper from the US and Australia can get here in a couple of days but coming from the UK it takes over a week !??!! It boggles the mind ! I WANT THEM NOW !!!
Also if you want to win tonnes of prizes get yourself over to Chandra’s site as she has some amazing competitions on at the moment and lots of goodies up for grabs !! See link below.


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