Crafteire 2006

WOW what a weekend I had – Crafteire was amazing and Kate and Mireille should be so proud of how well it all went.
There was well over a 150 in attendance, 6 craft shops for them to shop at, classes for them to attend and a huge crop room to play in and a yummy lunch to boot.
CJ drove me down on Friday afternoon and it was all hands on deck – sorting and packing up the vans to get all the equipment and shop stuff over to the hotel. Also Kate and Mireille asked me if I would design a class for Sunday as one of the shops ran the same class on both days and those with weekend tickets didn’t want to repeat a class of course and they were worried about the big gap in the middle of the day – how could I refuse !!
We delivered it over and started setting up and didn’t get home until 1 in the morning which is the only time I had to design my class, also I had to work with stick we had and make page kits from that – eeek !! I finally got to bed after 2 in the morning but my class was done.
We were back up at 6 ish to be at the hotel before registration at 8 in the morning and I was on the desk from 8 – 9-30 and then was working in Kate’s shop for the rest of the day, it was such fun meeting up with girls I knew already and some new faces too.
I had such fun all day, it is so nice to be able to spread your love of a hobby to others and have them love it too. The funniest thing on Saturday was seeing the stampede on the stall after Kate’s K and co altered tin class which was such a huge sucess that they all wanted to do more – it was a bit scary the speed they all ran to get the tins LOL
That and Janet in her tigger suit will be forever remembered and Izzy and her blanket stitch will go into legend I think !!
We finally finished up at midnight as the shops were open to 10 – you would think they would be to tired to shop but they weren’t, hardened crafters these ladies are !

Sunday we were up at 6 again, well I was, I was nervous about the class as I realised I hadn’t measured anything – a lesson to never design a class in the middle of the night and at the last minute!! I was also worried at first that no one would do the class and then even more worried when I found out the class was full !! As then I had to do a good job of it and I didn’t want to let Kate and Mireille down.
I did spend a lot of my time running down to the bathroom that day I can tell you!!
But the class went very well, thank goodness, the girls told me people were raving about it when they came out so that is good.
I think they liked the little match book we made as it appealed to the cardmakers ( which we had a few off ) and it was easy enough for a newbie but looked good and could be made more advanced for someone that knew what they were doing- see told you I was panicing about it – I am still anyalsising if it was okay. You see the actually teaching bit I am fine with – I am so comfortable in front of a class but I wanted them to love it and go away excited for the craft.

We finally finished up at 6 o’clock on Sunday and started the hard job of packing up to go home – I have to say the volunteers who helped out this weekend were absolute stars, they worked so hard and made it so much easier.
Finally I arrived home at 11.30 that night thanks to the lovely Kate, who went out of her way to drive me home. I am exhausted but I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat, if Kate and Mireille still let me LOL
All in all I would say it was a complete sucess – the organisation was fantastic and the classes seemed to go well, so I hope we will be back next year – and if anyone needs a class designing, I am your girl 😀
CJ was a star this weekend too- I came home to food and a sparkling clean house and the kids were tuck up safe in bed – it was lovely 🙂
I have to go now as I have just got an assignment from one of the magazines this morning and have to get my finger out and actually do it !! Posted by Picasa


One thought on “Crafteire 2006

  1. Jen says:

    Oh A-J sounds like you had such fun. Of course your class would be a success, you silly billy!! (Oh pooh, you got spam comments!! Are you going to set up the anti spam thingy?? You should)


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