Caitlin and the Caterpillar

Got to love this little madame – she found this caterpillar in the garden this afternoon and has of course named it Cheeky !! He is currently living in a jar full of leaves and will be realeased into the wild tomorrow when the kids are back at school. They are totally excited to go back because a circus has pitched up in the field next to the school – excitement overload !!

I am excited too as my secret is now out – I have been asked to join the design team at Chandra was going to make the annoucement on National Scrapbooking Day but got excited and let the cat out of the bag yesturday 😀
I am thrilled to be asked to join this talented group of ladies and just hope I can do them proud ! Also this is my first official design team so I am really chuffed about that !!
I was so excited I managed to do two layouts today – they will be coming to a message board near you soon !! Posted by Picasa


6 thoughts on “Caitlin and the Caterpillar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Amber, !! Just wanted to say how great your blogging is, congrats on your recent publication,great work.It seems so difficult to do but you make it look so easy and yet so effective. See you at the school. Byeee(Don’t be freaked , you are not being stalked, i promise)Anon


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