CherryArtes layouts

No news to report I am afraid – I am so boring
Anyway back to nice stuff — I got an email from CherryArte this morning ……….. I thought that would get your attention, nope it wasn’t for the DT – – I am sure that I haven’t made that, the level of talent was just way too high !!
But they do want some more of my layouts for their gallery. They have just redesigned the site and it looks fab – and the new sneek peeks of papers look divine. One day I will be good enough to be a designer – one day !!
This is my latest layout with Cherry Arte papers – note to self- never stitch with wire, it is hard !! I love that picture – I wish I had taken it but it was Jason’s handy work .


3 thoughts on “CherryArtes layouts

  1. Jen says:

    Oh bloody hell! Surely it doesn’t take THAT long to get a blood test back???? Of course, over here I know the NHS shortcuts, but over there? Can’t help I’m afraid 😦


  2. Adrienne says:

    Hi Amber-jane, Just to say that it generally takes about 10 days to have your bloods back, so you should be getting results soon.Also, if you have a mole needs looking at, there’s a surgeon comes down every second Friday to the Health Centre (I think, it may have changed) – there’s no long waiting list, it was that you just had to ring and put your name down to be seen (usually for the following week). I was seen by the doc on a Friday, got seen in the clinic the following Friday, and had a mole removed two Fridays later, in Loughlinstown Hosp! So get the details from your doc about the surgeon from Loughlinstown!


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