Stressful times

Guys I am so sorry I have been away, it has been a hectic and stressful couple of weeks – Caitlin is doing fine – the blood tests are back and we are moving forward with our lives , she is not a true diabetic ( she produces insulin still ) but she has problems regulating her blood sugars and they are investigating why and she is currently on a special diet eating little and often and avoid simple sugars to keep them as level as possible and she is going up to Crumlin for tests in a couple of weeks. She is happy not to have to have injections ( poor thing is feeling like a pin cushion already !!) and look at those arms they are so skinny and shouldn’t have things stuck in them !
She has also lost a tooth 😀
Ahh it is like Rebecca all over again – who is grand BTW – she went through a mirade of tests when she was young to before we found out what she was allergic too and what was wrong with her kidneys and pancreas.
Jennie is back from Eygpt with some stunning pictures and I have finally pursuaded her to scrap – I am so happy she has joined me 😀 Her first layout was fab too.
I will promise to keep more up to date with the old blog. I have been very lax lately !! Posted by Picasa


7 thoughts on “Stressful times

  1. Elisa says:

    Hi Amber, only today I read about Caitlin’s health worries. I hope everything goes OK and I will be hoping that she gets better soon.


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