Happy 4th of July

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all those in the US of A today – hope you have a great day.
And to my little brother in Kuala Lumpa this morning, hope your holiday is going to plan and I am thinking of you. Mark and his girlfriend Stephanie are travelling down to Australia where they are spending the next month. He has promised to check in at available internet cafe’s so here you go Mark – don’t say I never do layouts of you. I love this picture of Mark and Caitlin it is just so darn cute !!
I am currently baking lemon cake and the house smells yummy. Caitlin is drawing and Becca is off swimming with her freind Kirsten.
I have a couple of things to get scrapped today so I am printing out pictures from the weekend , we went down to Brittas Bay on Sunday for a couple of hours as the weather was lovely and warm and I snapped away –

I got some cute ones of the kids so I will have lots of new things to scrap and I am also designing a class for the cybercrop over at Bumbleberry crafts on the 30th of July which should be fun .
I am also looking forward to all the new goodies coming out of CHA – Trysha kindly pointed out the new Ginx to me this morning
I have always had a soft spot for Gin-x papers – I love the designs a lot of my published pages have been gin-x ones and Ginger who designs them is a lovely lady who I have had the pleasure of chatting too via email. Great colours aren’t they — I espaecially love the circles and the dottie stripes 😀
Right I am off to take my lemon cake out the oven – have a great day no matter what country you are in !


2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July

  1. Trysha Hoskins says:

    Oh AJ…LEMON CAKE? That sounds DIVINE!! Thank you for the 4th of July wishes! I think I will join you in scrappiness today!! Off to feed my child so she leaves me alone(why do they WANT so much? Food, Attention, LOL! KIDDING!). Maybe today I’ll help the kids make paper bag albums! Who knows…we’ll see how inspired I am in an hour, LOL! You have a great day too honey and that Silliness layout is beautiful!


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