Speshal Dares – Messy

This is my layout for the Speshal girls – my Mum always says I should really get a housekeeper so I can scrap in peace. I am a creative and disorganized soul and you can see that the minute you enter our very messy house ! I decided to scrap the mess rather than hide from it – reality scrapping at it’s best.
The girls have been fighting again and I can’t even chuck them outside for a while to use up some of that energy as it is miserable outside, urrghh I hate the rain !
I better go and scrap I have an assignment to complete for a magazine and I finally did some housework this morning – the recycling has all gone, the shopping is done and put away and the house is vaccumed and polished and ohh I even did some ironing ( well we were running out of clothes !)
I will love you and leave you for now, back to creating !!


One thought on “Speshal Dares – Messy

  1. Trysha Hoskins says:

    You go girl!! great layout, and by the way, I am your long-lost twin in messy houses (and white, freckled skin), LOL! Who cares right? Have a great day and hope the rain lets up soon!


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