All the fun of the Fair

We went to the fun fair today – down to Courtown for some silly fun !! It was such a laugh and Caitlin was so funny, she is such a little daredevil, while we were all saying do you want to go on the little roundabout she wanted to go on the fastest and the highest things she could find !! What would she be like if we went to Disneyland ??

I loved the look of glee on her face – every picture I took she was grinning from ear to ear !!
We had fun on the bumper cars and Caitlin made me go on this mad , spinning thing with her – that is a look of sheer panic on my face ( thanks CJ !!) Becca on the other hand is much more cautious , she always has been more restrained, she is by no means a fraidy cat but she is more wary of danger and not being in it !!
We lasted until we were rained out of it this afternoon.

This morning I was cybercropping and taught my growth chart class over at Bumbleberry crafts – I think I should have given a health warning with it, it was a big class. I sometimes forget that I am a bit of a speed scrapper LOL

I am so jealous as the girls have been scrapping like mad down in Cork – I had to go to the fair just to cheer me up !! Honest guv !!

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4 thoughts on “All the fun of the Fair

  1. Suzanne says:

    ROFL at the fun fair Amber! The waltzer (top) and cyclone (bottom) were the scariest things I would go on. Waltzer was my utter fave. Can’t do any of them now mind and thankfully the kids don’t like fair rides either!Your height chart is gorgeous, what a heck of class!


  2. Beckie says:

    Love that pic of you amber at the bottom and the one of Caitlin is priceless!!Glad you went to the fair and had fun, I love fairs! Hope you ate loads of candyfloss.Your class was great! Heaps of thanks 🙂


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