He got the Job !

Well he got it !! Cj got the job and we went up to Cavan today check it out and see what was what.
This is Lough Ramour near Virginia which we stopped to take some pictures, it is lovely . We might have found a house we like ( brand spanking new and 4 beds so room for guests ) and we were checking out what the town of Cavan was like, it is the cleanest town in Ireland I found out today !! It has lots of facilities and there was even a craft shop LOL
It is a long old drive though, which worries me as I will miss my family so much but I figure if we get the nice house they will want to come as see us occasionally.
Oh and yes broadband is definitely available – yes we checked that too !
Becca had her second riding lesson on Saturday in the rain but she still enjoyed it and was thrilled to see loads of horse riding around Cavan. She is loving riding and it great to see her so enthusiastic about something.
Caitlin has decided she wants to do gymnastics so I will have to look into that for her, I am all for kids having there own things to do.

7 thoughts on “He got the Job !

  1. Beckie says:

    Oh I thought I had posted on this already!
    So glad to hear that you are all settled in!
    As Caroline said we are sad down in Cork!

    Just to let you know you have been tagged!
    Check out my blog for the rules!
    Have fun!


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