Halloween 2006

Hope you all had a not to hectic Halloween – the girls were both invited to parties ( different ones ) Caitlin had a ball with her best friend Lauren ( you should see that pair together – they are nutters but they get on so well !!) and poor Becca got left behind because of a strange turn of events – she was invited to a party but no one came as arrange to pick her up so needless to say she was gutted. It turns out there was a huge out of control bonfire which the police and fire birgade had to close the road for near the party so nobody ended up going !! In a rare act of sisterly kindness Caitlin shared her booty with Becca though when she came home and we sat around in the dark telling very awful halloween jokes ( Thanks to Beckie for mine 😉 ) and telling spooky stories and watching the fireworks – being near the boarder and the firework supplies it was like firework central up here !! We then, high on nasty sugary sweetie bobbed for apples, it was all very silly but fun .
Now the pumkins have been taken in and the ghosts removed and the costumes put away for another year – roll on christmas now LOL

I have been struggling with scrapping this week – we have a huge deal going on over at the Speshal dares and the pressure is mounting !! But it is exciting and actually the push to do something fabulous is making me think more about my work and what is my style exactally – hopefully the layout I do will be true to me 😀 Make sure you join us on Friday – it is going to be global baby !! Posted by Picasa


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