Stacy Julian is my inspiration

Bad bad blogger that I am !! To be honest I haven’t had the motivation to write – isn’t that so terrible !
So I am here having a cup of tea and watching the Clique tv on line – it is a scrapbooking tv site from Creative keepsakes and it is interesting to watch. I especially loved the Stacy Julian interviews –WOW that women is so organized it is an inspiration ! I so wish she could come over to my house and sort out my drawers LOL
And I would love her scraproom, it is fabulous ! I am missing not having that space anymore and I am finding it so hard to create at the moment and I really need a push in the right direction – I have actually asked for books for Christmas — yes family I want books ( that is a hint !! ) I would love Stacy Julian’s Big picture scrapbook ( again family – it is available at 😉 ) and I am thinking of asking for the Autumn Leaves calender as I could do with inspiration everyday.
Talking of Christmas – and yes I know it is November but the girls had to have their shoeboxes done today.
They are shoeboxes of toys that go to needy kids for christmas all over the world. The girls and I have been doing them for a good few years now and I think it does them so good to think of others and take the care to find them lovely toys and things – I give them each some money and they have to find things that will – 1. fit the box 2. are age appropriate and 3 .they would like to recieve if they were getting it. It does make a difference to the way they think about christmas and Caitlin loves to make a card to put in. Christmas has become so commerical ( says she that is dropping hints LOL ) and I want to make sure they have some memories too keep that will last longer than the latest Bratz doll ! Posted by Picasa


3 thoughts on “Stacy Julian is my inspiration

  1. jake says:

    Oh, I always enjoyed doing the ‘love in a box’ thing when my kids were smaller. We’d have great fun choosing and putting small gifts together. I think it’s very good for little peeps to know that not everyone is as well off as themselves. My friend always used to take mine to see the lights in London, but would drive round cardboard city beforehand – just to show them the other side of the coin.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon hon.(suffering a bit myself, tbh)
    hugs jk xx


  2. Kirsty says:

    we love doing them but it bothers me that organisers rifle them and often seperate goods from within to share equally amongst shoe boxes that have less “quality” stuff in, shall we say.
    We don for a boy with socks, toys, puzzles, sweeties, soap and a smelly candle.
    For a girl we puut in socks, a little doll, puzzles, a body spray, soap and beads.
    I always feel so good afterwards and hope the kids have the best day 9compared to kids here who pretty much take it for granted)


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