Tracy and Simon’s wedding

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter – I have been away ( hence the lack of an update 🙂 ) We were over in the UK for the wedding of my best friend Tracy to her Simon.
Tracy and I have been friends since school and I desperately wanted to be there so we packed up the car and the kids and took the ferry over to Holyhead – actually I have to say the drive wasn’t too bad at all and it was so handy having the car with us , the wedding was in Congleton, south of Manchester and the venue was wonderful it was a barn over looking a lake in the country and the weather couldn’t have been better. The wedding was beautiful – I had to do a reading which I was so nervous about but I managed to remember the whole thing so that was okay.
Tracy looked fabulous and Simon was very dapper in his suit- the service was perfect and we all cracked up at the end when they walked out as husband and wife to the end music from Star wars ( Simon is a huge Star wars fan !!). The food was amazing and I have to say CJ and I agreed that we have never been to a more perfect wedding – it does help though when you actually love the couple involved 😀

I took a tonne of pics which Google is not going to put them all up at once as per usual ! – so I will have to put them up a bit at a time.

The kids managed to behave themselves too which was great – Caitlin and Becca loved it anyway as the venue was on a farm and there were bunnies and horses and ducks and sheep to keep them amused. And Tracy had thought of everything and the favours for the kids had Easter bunny chocolates and fluffy chicks in them 🙂

We spent the weekend at a pub nearby in called the Lion and Swan which is an old wattle and daub building and was lovely and the room was handy as it had a separate room for the kids and was comfy enough ( would have been perfect if it wasn’t right beside the kitchens but you can’t have everything!!) . We went back to the barn on Sunday to see Tracy and Simon and Tracy’s Mum and Dad who I call Auntie Jean and Uncle Ian and am very fond off- before we started back to home. I was a lovely weekend and I am glad we went it was totally worth it.
I will update with more pictures soon – but we need to unpack and do some washing and the like 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Tracy and Simon’s wedding

  1. Kirsty says:

    oh aj – the photos are beautiful. i wish I could have met you whilst you were here – id have taken picciesof your darling. Buut you do that beautifully anyway 🙂


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