That was a week and a half

What a week – have you ever had one of those weeks that was just a bit out of the ordinary and everything happened at once ?
Well I am having one of those this week – Saturday Becca was singing in a choir at Church ( first I knew about it was Friday night – she kept that one quiet !!) The picture above is from Saturday we decided to Barbecue and had s’mores afterwards as the kids were dying to try them and this is Caitlin – completely blissed out with Marshmallows and chocolate in her tummy.

Sunday – CJ decided we need to go out and so off we went for a drive and a ramble and lovely dinner in one of our Favourite places.
Monday – was a Bank holiday so kiddies off school and hubby at home and general mayhem. Tuesday –  ( yesterday) we had to do the nightmare trip down to Loughlinstown hospital – made more nightmarish by the fact that the Lorry drives staged a strike on the M50 !!

Becca got yet more treatment done and is a bit sore today bless her.

We had to stop on the way home to get some food as we were all starving and completely missed Bridgin’s and it was enrollment night –ooops !

Today Jennie, John and baby Rachel come down for two days – I am all excited about that and Friday I am off to Tullamore and then on to County Clare for Kate’s Hen night and some whale and dolphin watching – how cool is that ??

CJ has also promised to get me a desk for scrapbooking – I am struggling with the dining room table as I have to clean up for eating purposes and stuff gets misplaced all the time. As a result I am finding it so hard to get anything done.

I did manage to do this layout though and I think it maybe one of my favourite to date

it is of Rachel who is just like a baby bird always wanting to be fed LOL.
Right now I wish I was in New Zealand – for no other reason than I am in love with Tarisota kits – I want to join so badly but know the shipping would kill me –acck isn’t that always the way !!


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