Were going to the Zoo and Mum’s 65th

Well that was one heck of a week !! I am exhausted ( in a happy way ) and my camera has not stopped clicking all week. First of all it was this man’s Birthday and I personally think he looks fab for 65 myself.

Mum and Dad came up for Dad’s birthday as it was also the day of the school concert. We all went down for the afternoon show and we were treated to quite a performance I can tell you. At one point Jennie and I were laughing so hard the seats in our row were actually moving and Rachel who also attended and was a perfect little angel found it all very amusing until the Spice Girls rendition from 4th class when she promptly fell fast asleep !!
Rebecca’s class were performing Robin Hood and I have to admit she did brilliantly she showed no nerves , spoke her lines clearly and with passion ( I was such a proud Mammy moment !!) and she looked great even if the lighting was awful for taking pictures. I was also very impressed with 6th Classes mini version of Grease. It was great for the kids to be able to use the local theatre and actually tread the boards.
As Becca had an evening performance that evening too we couldn’t go out for dinner although Mum and Dad came over to our house for awhile.
Instead we went out on Friday night for dinner in the Woodbine in Virginia which I can wholeheartedly recommend if you are ever here – the food was fantastic and the service was great – I also manage to get a picture of Mum with her “girls” she does miss them so.

We stuffed ourselves silly, Rachel even had her first bit of ice-cream and I think that kid is going to love her food judging by the way she wolfed it down. We all popped back to our house where there was much silliness including sticking flowers on Grandpop by Caitlin. I promised Jennie I would post this up for Nana to see so it is all her fault Dad 🙂

But just to make things fair I will pop the picture I took of her posing up too – to even up the embarrassment quota you understand !!
Today Rebecca, Caitlin, me and 30 odd Brigin’s and leader’s all went to Dublin zoo for the day – the girls had a ball and it was a great way to finish our first year with them. Luckily the weather which has been rotten this week let up and although it was dull and grey the rain was not to heavy when it did fall and we stayed dry . I tried to get some decent shots of the animals but it was hard especially when you have little ones to keep track off. I have to say I was happy with my girls – I was worried that they would be cranky after that late night celebrating but they were great.

This is Caitlin waiting to go to the zoo taken on the bus and a couple of animal shots – not the greatest but they will have to do .

I am absolutely exhausted now and must go to bed the legs are walked off me and my ankle is the size of a watermelon. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat as I really do enjoy being a leader and will miss our Guides who will be leaving us next years as they are great girls.


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