Birthday parties and Puppies – Oh My !

Well you can tell the summer holidays are here – it hasn’t really stop raining !! My house is now messier than ever ( quite an achievement considering it usually is messy ) and my fridge is permanently empty.

We went to the Vintage fair on the weekend and I have to say the thing that impressed me most were these birds – aren’t they gorgeous specimens and the man that brought them was very informative and interesting to listen too. You can go and visit them here during the summer if you like. The fire-eater was pretty cool too and CJ and Becca loved the cars on display.

On Tuesday Caitlin had a friend’s birthday to attend and this time we went down to Woodfield Farm again a fabulous place for a day out – the kids were thrilled as it is like puppy filled heaven down there and the grown ups have a lovely tea shop to get tasty food in.

Caitlin just adore this puppy and carried it everywhere , they must be well used to it as they were such good little puppies and didn’t seem to mind such man-handling by lots of sticky children.

There was lots of chickens and ducks and 30 horses – Becca nearly passed out with delight especially as it turned out the girl that lived them is the same age as her and they got on like a house on fire !
The rest of the week as been spent with Becca on-line searching for anything pony related , needless to say I have that well monitored – you can imagine the sites you could end up at if you aren’t careful !!
When she is not doing that I have to shove her off the sofa and make her go out into the sunlight ( what little of it there is !! ) so I am actively encouraging her to get back into riding again.

As for me I am trying to master my camera ( and failing miserably just check out my photo’s if you don’t believe me ) and I am seriously thinking of giving up scrapping and just doing it for fun – honestly sometimes it is just not fun any more and it should be shouldn’t it ?? !! The only layouts I like are ones I do for fun not for work and I don’t get to do enough of them – add that to the fact that I am going to be minding Rachel and honestly if you think teaching scrapbooking makes you rake it in you are mistaken !! I am a bit disheartened at the moment.
Maybe the rain has me down – I don’t do rain !!

One thing that did make me smile this week was Today FM I admit we are secret Ray Foley fans in this house and this week he and the team ( J.P. and Adele) with the help of lots of the public managed to get Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” Back into the Irish Charts !! Knocking that blimmin’ annoying Umbrella song by Rhianna off the number no1 spot on I-tunes which makes me grin – just go to the blog and watch them singing along it is brilliant !!


2 thoughts on “Birthday parties and Puppies – Oh My !

  1. Tigger's rambling says:

    We can all get a bit disheartened from time to time BUT…..there is no way you should give up teaching scrapbooking… the Bl**DY H$%* would I get class LO’s in my albums then…..well tell me HOW!!!??? Take a break, but do not give it up 🙂


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