Minding Rachel – or the Baby cronicles

I minded this wee one for the first time this week and she was an absolute sweetie – we only had a few tears ( which was kind of expected as she is teething ) but we played and had fun and managed to get her dinner in her with no problems much to her Mammie’s relief !
I actually got to spend most of the day on my own with Rachel as Becca had yet another appointment with the dentist for more brace treatment – so CJ took her and Caitlin on the 4 hour round trip with promises of seeing the newly released Harry Potter film.
Becca is a BIG Harry Potter fan and has read all the book many, many times and seen all the films so this was her treat as the brace treatment is always painful.Well they loved it in fact Becca reckons it is her favourite so far – up to now that honour went to Prisoner of Askaban which was her favourite book too.
After the cinema the girls went to the pet shop to get their some fish with the much longed for and waited for fish tank . The girls got this as a present for their birthday’s in February but had to wait until June to finally receive it ( that is a long story !!) and then had to wait to get the tank “set up” which is all very technical and stuff so finally they got 4 fishes for the tank just to get it started – you can see one of them in the picture below he is a Bristle nose who is now called Sweep thaks to Caitlin the namer of all animals LOL

Anyway the plan was to get 4 fish to start with and then get a couple more in a couple of weeks – nature had other plans. The Black Molly was looking a bit iffy when we got it home – we thought she might not make it to be honest but it turns out she was in labour and the next morning we woke up to babies – five of them !! They are tiny little miniatures of their mum and on Saturday there were more ( she was very busy !!) so now we have eight or nine babies – they move quickly so are really hard to count and they all seem like strong little blighters – so much for slowly adding fish to the tank and the kids are thrilled of course.
Caitlin also has other reasons to be thrilled she finally rode her bike without stabilisers – she had been struggling to get it but on Saturday she just decided to get over her fear once and for all and get over it she did !!

As for my eldest when she is not obsessing about Harry Potter she is reading about Horses – she is itching to get back to riding and we are waiting to hear from a local stables to see if she can start riding again.

I have managed some scrapping this week and have found out about 2 scrapping events happening in Cavan – organised by Annmarie of The Scrapbook Store.
The details are up on the site and I am thrilled to have something going on just up the road – come along and join me 😀 

I have some really cool news too which I can finally tell you about – at the beginning of the year I was honoured to be asked to take part in a new project for hybrid scrappers and this week see the release of the 16 month weekly planner for scrappers which has been put together by the wonderful Julie Ann Shahin you can check it out on her blog.
It is an organiser for scrapbooker’s with lots of hybrid scrapping ideas and projects and I was very thrilled to be asked to take part. I will leave you with another layout – this time of Becca I have been trying to scrap her more as I know Caitlin gets all the attention due to her willingness to pose for the camera so I have resorted to payment to get Becca to pose !! 


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