Harry Potter Launch


Friday was the night that every Harry Potter fan had waited for and Becca who has been a fan since the very first book and has read every one so many times she could recite them, had been waiting since February which is when she booked her copy.Usually Becca doesn’t buy into the hype of it all but as this was the last time we knew it was special and wanted to do the hype finally – so we all headed done for the midnight launch in Borders in Dublin.
I have to say it was mad but the best fun – the kids were thrilled to be there eve
n Rachel at 5 months seemed to sense the occasion and was bright eyed and bushy tailed through the experience. It was a party atmosphere when we joined the queue as we had met up with our extended family , five of my cousins – Clare (27) , Eleanor(22),Ben(13) , Debbie (12) and Adam(8). Borders had put on Magicians and Jugglers and Face painters and people were dressed up in costumes including Caitlin who just loves that kind of thing – she was also the only one who freely let me take her picture unlike the teens who thought it was mortifying !!
  Becca and Debbie did make it onto the news though as a camera crew were there and they were right at the front – we saw them on it today 🙂

We didn’t actually get home until nearly 2 in the morning but the kids had an experience they will never forget and Becca has the book ( which she is buried in at this moment !!) that she has longed for since she start reading Harry when she was just six years old.
Yes Harry has been in our house for half of Becca’s life ever since she begged me to read it to her until the time she could read it so much better than I could – I swear it is one of the reasons
she has such a high reading age and such a fertile imagination LOL I have read the final book, I have gone on this journey too and I wanted to be sure I was there for my daughter should she need me and I know it will be an emotional book for her ( it was for me – I cried so many times) No I won’t spoil it for anyone -as I won’t spoil it for her.
Anyway telling you who lives and dies won’t matter if you are a true fan it is the wholeness of the story that makes it so good.
In other news Rachel was five months on Friday and I took pictures to mark the occasion (of course !!) I love this one of Becca and Rachel I think they look so cute together – Rachel just adores Becca and thinks she is hilarious for reasons know only to herself !! 
 This picture is the official one, so to speak, shame the little monkey just can’t stop moving for more than five seconds at a time.
 Last night was the last night was the rap party for our camera course – I am going to miss it , it was such fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore their camera a bit more- go over to Feelgood Photography and sign up for the next course as it is totally worth the money. I took this as one for the challenges last night and I won a prize too 🙂

The challenge was to take a picture of three things we couldn’t live with out – well here are mine – I would be lost without them.


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