A long Update

Hello I know, I know updating is long overdue but life is very distracting !! Anyhow the layout at the top is one I did for The IT Kit challenge this week.
I also did a different version as part of a class over at the Design Collective – but you have to sign up to see what that is all about.
Well what have we been up to this week ?? Well I got my prize from Cheryl over at Feelgood photos it was this rather cool magnet of my picture and some postcards which you can put your own pictures in. A new class is starting up soon for those that want to have a go – I can highly recommended it for kick starting your photography.

I have been doing more of Rachel’s album – I started this one at the Cavan crop and finally got aroungd to finishing it along with lots of projects that needed doing .
Rachel is getting so big she has started sitting up by herself and her new noise for the week is mom mom which is just so sweet when she does it- the high pitch squealing she does whenever Caitlin is around is not quite as sweet though LOL I took this picture of her in her new walker which she loves.

I also took a picture of my new shoes – I have been searching for a pair of turquoise shoes all summer and finally found this cute ( and ever so cheap ) pair last week, it is the little things that make me happy.
Talking of being happy we have bee trying to find things for the kids to do that can be done out of the rain – this week they have been making models and baking , chocolate chip muffins are plentiful in our house this week, we also saw the Simpson’s movie which the kids liked but wasn’t as funny as they hoped for although Caitlin love the Spider pig scene and insists on sing it over and over !

We also went to Kool Kids – just outside of Cavan this week. It is one of those adventure places and they had a ball running around like loons and climbing the rock climbing wall – it is fantastic value and great when the weather is as awful as it has been – seriously I think this is the worse summer ever weather-wise. The kids are actually looking forward to going back to school and are awaiting the arrival of the school books which I ordered online this year, fingers crossed that works – I have never done it before .

Talking of deliveries had a great post week this week – my lost parcel ( it went around the world a couple of times ) from A Million Little Things finally touched down thanks to Jill for being so great about it – the customer service she gives is out of this world !!
I also got a surprise parcel which I am not sure I can tell you about yet but it was like scrapping heaven in a box – I have been working hard with it all week and although I can’t share yet I will let you have a weeny sneak peak of what I have been up to, hopefully I will be able to show you more in the next couple of months.

Anyway sorry this is all so bitty I have to update in-between bottle feeds and stopping the house from flooding ( lets just say it involved Caitlin and a bath for her Barbie’s !!) and giving medicine to the fish – who knew they would require so much attention !!

Oh and apparently I have been tagged at least twice ( Thanks Karva for letting me know ) Apparently I am supposed to let you know 7 things about me

1. I can knit and used to work for a “knitwear designer”
2. I can juggle with 3 balls
3. I have been rock climbing and was good at it too.
4. I have been a leader in the Brownies, Guides, Scouts and Brigins so far.
5.I am an Australian by birth
6. I have a shadow on my right lung – in other words it don’t work too well
7. I went grey at 19 – I haven’t a clue why as my Mum and Dad didn’t and yes it is very annoying !!
8. I love all things turquoise – but you knew that already !!

I am suppose to tag 7 more people but everyone I know has done this so if you haven’t done it but are reading this you are tagged too.


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