My First Magazine Selfie

Yes it is less than a week since the last update LOL I have a busy week ahead so I am getting one in now also I want to let you know about a competition over on the Design Collective blog this weekend were you can win a place in the new Painting with Light course being run by Cheryl over at Feel good photography. Just pop a comment on the blog and you can win – I loved the course the last time and the confidence it gave me to use my camera.

Unfortunately I had to use my camera in a way I hate this week and take pictures of me all before I could make it to a hairdressers so I was as grey as a badger , it was for a magazine thing so I had to do it for a deadline and only got to the hairdressers this morning – I now have much shorter , slightly blonder hair – picture will follow when the light isn’t awful and I can force myself in front of the camera again.
I had to get my hair done as my Mum and Dad are coming up for my birthday next week and it is also my wedding anniversary next Monday and for the first time in 8 years CJ and I are actually getting to go out for dinner together – without the kids ( miracles will never end !!)

I also took Miss Rachel’s 24 weeks piccies yesterday and she flash me the cheesiest grin – she was in great form yesterday all gurgling and gabbling away, she is a sweetie.

I have been getting very creative recently – I have made many things which I am not allowed to share yet but I am really happy with and I have even found time to make stuff for my album this layout is another using the It Kit and judging by the new kit that is up now I should have even more fun with it – I love the concept of the follow up kit 🙂


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