The Birthday Kitten

Here he is the Birthday kitten – he is the sweetest little fella ( not a she as first thought !) we still haven’t found an owner to claim him and he will not go home – we let him out all the time we are not trying to keep him in at all but every time he returns like he has lived here all his life . Meg wasn’t sure at first but now she is treating him like her kitten , she is bringing him “food” which I wish she wasn’t and grooming him and watching him when he is out. He still has no name yet as – we don’t like to name them when they are in limbo.

It was such a hectic weekend that I am still catching my breathe Mum and Dad came up for my birthday and brought me a macro lens for my camera which I have used here and a beautiful necklace. I can’t wait to use all my new camera stuff on my new class with Cheryl which should be starting next week.

We went for a walk in the afternoon to the lake with Mum and the girls and that evening went out to dinner which was lovely – it was so nice to see them and the girls were spoilt rotten by their Grandparents with lovely goodies to get them ready for school.
On Sunday our good friend Al came up with the girlfriend Michelle who is just the loveliest person which is fantastic you see Alan has been our friend for years and is a great guy and it is great to see him so happy . She has even offered to go scrapbook shopping in America for me now how good is she ??? Did I get pictures of them – nope I am hopeless but hopefully she will come back again ( and we didn’t scare her off for good LOL !!) I did manage to get some scrapping done on Monday using the pictures of Caitlin from when we had to pick the name out of the hat for the Design Collective blog.
 I also had to make a quick birthday card for a friend of Cait’s using the class from the Design Collective I created
. On Wednesday the girls returned to school, Caitlin is now in 2nd Class and Becca is in 6th Class which still makes me freak slightly – she will be at secondary school next year and a teenager how the heck did that happen ?? The teenager type tendencies have started she would not let me take any pictures on her first day back ( she was too worked up with excitement) But they both love there teachers and are glad to be back which is great news. Caitlin on the other hand would always oblige of course.

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