The Story of the ringworm

Sorry it has been so long – it feels like forever since I updated. You know that cute little kitten well he brought a “present” with him when he stayed for those few days !! He brought ringworm – a highly contagious fungal infection not a worm just in case you were unsure .
Firstly Caitlin got it – but not one or two spots like others ,oh no not my girl is smothered in it, so much so that when I took her to the doctors she called in another doctor to check it out and then rang up the paediatric specialist in the hospital to ask for advice . Turn out that because my girls have such sensitive skin their skin was more vulnerable to attack – fantastic stuff !
Becca has now developed it too although surprisingly not as bad as Caitlin but still as contagious which means no school until it clears – three weeks at least !!!
I informed the school immediately when Caitlin got it first and they now have had to get work to so at home so my life is now one big round of being nurse maid , teacher and cleaning everything – bedding has to be done everyday, towels have to be done and everyone has to have a set of their own so no cross contamination occurs, I have to bleach everything and I even have to wash the throws on the sofa as the kitten slept their a couple of time and I am minding the baby while trying not to get her or myself infected …. it is a nightmare so scrapping is down to a minimum the layout at the top is the first I have done in two weeks !
I did manage to get my draws sorted in the mass clean up of the house so at least I am organised once I get a chance to scrap again properly.

I also managed on the same night as the double layout to do one for the Collectively yours blog which is back on the 14th of September !! I can only show you a sneak peek of that one until then.

My camera class has started I feel well out of it though what with all that has been going on and being stuck inside – this week we are working on exposure and I have to take pictures when I can around the house – these are crab-apples – for crab apple jelly making – I just love the colour of them 🙂 Goodness knows if the exposure is right though !!

I also took Miss Rachel’s 6 month picture – this is not the greatest I took or the clearest but is sure does show her little personality to a tee so it is my favourite- she is such a cheeky monkey and always into everything. She is sitting up now by herself and has learnt to wave goodbye and clap hands and is babbling up a storm.
One thing that I did find out by chance was I am in Scrapbook Inspirations this month – I found the magazine in Eason’s and picked up a copy and there was my layout and my picture staring back at me. I had done the £5 Challenge but hadn’t a clue which issue it was for — yes I should have checked but life is a bit busy !! It was a nice surprise though. I will share the layout with you when I can until then you will have to pick up a copy to check it out.


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