Pumpkin Festival 2007 and Cat masks

Oh what a week – first off I apologise for the lack of a weekly update but the router went BANG in quite a spectacular fashion last week so we have been without the internet for 5 days. Thanks to the genius that is my hubby we are now back online so I can fill you in on the exciting week we have had .
First Caitlin is back at school – admittedly it was only for 3 days until the holidays started here but she is no longer contagious – YIPPEE !!
The Doctor wants her to go for a couple of tests over the holidays so we will see how that goes they are to see why it took her quite so long to recover but we will try not to worry about those until they happen.
On Thursday the girls had their Annual mask day in school, they do it to raise money for charity and Caitlin’s was a Cat ( ironic don’t you think !!) all I did was draw the face she did all the cutting and gluing and she decided she wanted whiskers she definitely has a flair for the crafty side of things.

Becca made a pig mask which of course she won’t let me take a picture off but this is the pumpkin we designed for the Halloween Art contest, Becca made a mini version of this one and she also won tickets to the Circus in a quiz at school. So we went up to the Big top on Wednesday night. It was a fun night and we went with some new friends of Rebecca’s. The acrobats were brilliant and as per usual Caitlin wanted to know if she can join the circus but I did point out what hard work the performs have to put in, not that that will put her off any the sparkly costumes are too much of a draw to her magpie-like eyes !
Got to love the Big Top !!

On Friday we went to the Pumpkin Festival – it was great the Town really went all out with pumpkins at every window and the fire parade – which had fire eaters and samba dancers and bands and costumes. All the lights were put out in the town expect for the pumpkins at eight o’clock it was an amazing sight . I took some brilliant pictures and then promptly wiped the whole card by accident ( I have been kicking myself about it ever since) I got pictures of Rachel ” the party animal baby !” dancing along to the music – she just loved it. And I let Becca up to the front of the concert which was the highlight of the evening with her friends she was so happy to be at her first “rock ” gig and she was true to her word and straight back to me when it was over all bright eyed and excited.

On Saturday there was a fancy dress party for the kids – Caitlin went as Belle from Beauty and the beast and there was a funfair in town with lots of stomach churning rides to go one.

And on Sunday the Festival ended in an amazing fireworks show down by the lake, so I got to practise my firework shots at last and I was quite happy with what I got. So all in all it was a fabulous weekend and I hope they continue this tradition – the town should be proud of the amazing event it pulled off.

I leave you with some more Halloween stuff we made over the weekend and I can finally show you the bag I made for the Design Collective – there are loads more ideas for Christmas in the works, I have been blown away with the ideas the girls have come up with.

I also did this layout which is my favourite so far this year – I used a Digital brush on it from Lynn Grieveson and lots of goodies from my It kit.

I am off now to organise our Halloween costumes – Caitlin wants to be an angel and Becca wants to be a genie which is slightly easier then the year she wanted to be the witches dinner and we had to make a massive cauldron for her to wear out of chicken wire and paper mache !!


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Festival 2007 and Cat masks

  1. joanne (spagirl) says:

    wow! what a week!glad your family is getting better… i rescued a kitty with ringworm and it was several months of baths and vet checks. he is all better and just beautiful. your layout is beautiful too… and glad you are back online!!!


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