Halloween 2007

Happy Halloween
So how did your Halloween go ?? Do you like our little witch Caitlin and I made her yesterday as part of our Halloween fun.
 Ours was a fab Halloween – the house was decorated , the sweeties were ready , the costumes were on and the girls went trick or treating and then to a friends house for a small fireworks party.

I am hopeless at this decorating lark – Martha Stewart I am not so I was quite pleased with my efforts this year – The girls loved making the mummy jars and Becca carved her own pumpkin.

The haunted house one is the pumpkin I carved with my guides and the ghost was a joint effort – I know it is not a patch on the decorations in the States but this is good going for me.  I even had the sweets in bags and in a cauldron for the trick and treaters that came to the door the boys were manning the house while we girls went trick and treating. The girls looked fab in their costumes – especially Rachel I mean who can resist the cutest ladybug in the world ??

She was a very well behaved ladybug too and I swear got the most sweets even though she can’t eat them !

We went out with Becca’s friends – who are lovely girls and it was a fun night although there was less of the having to do a trick for the treat than last year – we used to always as kids have to do a poem or sing a song or tell a joke to get our goodies but it was the last house we went to that actually asked them for a trick – Becca who had been studying up on the corniest Halloween jokes know to mankind and saved the day 🙂

After all that we took the haul home and had some dinner and then head out to the fireworks – they weren’t as spectacular as Sunday night but it was a nice gathering of friends and it was so nice to have Becca say to me on the way home – “Mum thank you for letting us live here – I am so happy here ” I think it really is the perfect place for us right now.

The girls sorted out their haul this morning – and it always cracks me up that Caitlin just loves all the things most kids avoid – she is thrilled she got monkey nuts and a rice crispie bun !! She is currently sorting out her sweets and is making two piles ( one for me apparently – isn’t that sweet 🙂 )


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