Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin


In a few hours it will be my Uncle Kevin’s Birthday – the big 6 0 and as he is down in Australia we can’t share it with him in the usual way so the girls made him a poster so I could take a picture and send it too him.
It was difficult taking pictures as yesterday was dull and very windy – dull meant we had to make do with outdoor lighting and windy meant the poster kept trying to take off for Australia by itself LOL

So here are the pictures of the silliness that took place in our back garden – Mainly for Uncle Kevin’s benefit as he is not adverse to a little silliness himself – which is why my kids and I think he definitely is one of the coolest uncles in the world.
I was blessed to have him and my Auntie Chris as a big part of my life as a child and my kids got that chance too before they left for the blue skies of Oz.

I also did a layout just for him for my family album – I knew the Story of “the Grips ” had to be told it is stories like that that make our family unique and special and make scrapbooking totally worth it 🙂 And to have pictures of this event even though they are blurry was extra special.

Totally awful lighting means I can’t get a great picture of this today and will try again to get a better one tomorrow .

Have a great day and all our love is sent to you xxx


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