John’s Birthday and Mississippi Mud pie

We celebrated John’s Birthday on Monday, it was a small celebration as John has been sick with a cold and so has wee Rachel so we had Indian from our favourite restaurant and we made John a Mississippi Mud Pie – which is harder to make than it looks ( it was the first time I had made it ) but it was totally worth it, it was very lush.

We had a lovely relaxing evening and stuffed ourselves silly – we even had leftover pie it was just too much to eat, mind you it didn’t make it through Tuseday !

On Tuesday we took Caitlin and 40 other Brownies to see Santa down in Meath at Grove Gardens – it was fantastic and after seeing Santa the girls looked at all the animals – they had a Llama, Cockatoos, Lemurs and Reindeer and Caitlin just loved the Donkey

Wednesday we had another trip to Santa with friends from School – it was lovely the kids had a ball and this time Caitlin got to ride a Donkey ( what can I say the kid loves Donkeys)

Last night was the nativity play in the Church – every year 2nd Class does the Nativity story as they are the Communion year and Caitlin was one of the innkeepers, she did brilliantly she remembered all her lines and delivered them with style – we were so proud of her

The service was great, Father Dermot makes it all about the kids and even dresses up in Santa hat with flashing lights. We sang songs and clapped it was great. Unfortunately my camera hated the lighting in the church so I only got a couple of decent pictures !!

Today I have finished my food shopping and present shopping – the Turkey is in the fridge ready for our “Family Christmas ” tomorrow – everyone is heading up to dinner here tomorrow so the house will be heaving !!
I will leave you with this weeks Dare I made baubles for the tree with the girls they are made from polystyrene balls and torn up Christmas papers 😀

Have a fantastic Christmas hope Santa bring everything you hope for and have a happy and healthy New Year love Amber xxx


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