Rachel in the Snow

Yesterday Rachel saw her first snow as it started to come down and she loved it – that is her standing in the snow in her Wellies – she just loves to try and walk everywhere.

Woohoo I scrapped again – can’t show you yet as it is not quite finished ( drying glitter as I type ) but I did it !!
I was a bit worried there to be honest and why was I scrapping today well we had a snow day. Yep after yesturday’s small downfall, buckets of white stuff came down today and lay on the ground so after taking lots of snowy pics with the girls and then thawing out again with hot chocolate I settled down with my scrapping while the girls played with art stuff they got for Christmas.The girls had a ball in the snow while it lasted though – lots of snowball throwing and making snow angels – we don’t get snow that often !!

Unfortunately the snow didn’t last long – it started raining this evening and it was all slushy by tea time.
Big thanks go to Mum, David and Finn and Mark and Steph for all the arty stuff the girls love it and so do I as it keeps them out of my arty stuff LOL

I also did these cards for the Design Collective before Christmas – I am loving cards at the minute they are like a small layout less stress and you get to make people smile when you send them.


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