Photography and Communions

Hi sorry for the lack of a quicker update – I have been immersed in the world of photographs and trying to sort out CD’s and prints for eager parents. You see last week was Caitlin’s class First Holy Communion.

Now I won’t go into the whys and wherefores on here as to why Cailtin was not making hers ( it is a long and boring story ) but she was joining in to watch her friends make theirs and I was going to take pictures. Two Mum’s had asked me specifically to take pictures and we got there a bit earlier to get some decent shot which I can’t share with you as I haven’t permission yet !! So you have to put up with the practise shots of Caitlin, she showed her friend Rachel just how easy it could be and was a great help at relaxing the other kids.
I also had to take shot of a little fella called Thomas, well bless him, he confessed he hated cameras and was scared stiff he kept closing his eyes and I wasn’t even using a flash !
So I took him off on his own and told him silly jokes and told him that he didn’t have to stay still and got some of the best pictures of the day – I adore them and luckily so do his Mum and Dad as he looks so natural and happy which was a first for his pictures apparently.
During the day I had three other sets parents come up and ask if I could possibly get a shot of their kid too, which I dutifully did. Especially as one Mum’s camera had broken.

After the lovely service which the kids all took part in, we went over to Rachel’s for a party.

I can show you the cake it doesn’t need any protection and is currently residing in our bellies and then the kids spent all afternoon on the bouncy castle which was most probably not a great plan after filling them full of cake!

Even Jennie came down with our wee Rachel who adored the castle and was crawling all over it !!

It was a fantastic afternoon the weather held out and the kids had a ball and I took pictures of everything that moved LOL.

On the Sunday we had to go back down for another service at the church with the kids and a party in the school afterwards and then we decided to head out for the day. CJ decided the location would be a surprise but I started to get suspicious the closer we got to Mum and Dad’s.
We got to see them which the kids and I loved and they got to run around Mum and Dad’s garden picking flowers and finding wildlife in the shape of a half chewed mouse – honestly those girls aren’t mine they are so squeamish !!

I delivered all my pictures by Thursday and had lots of happy parents thrilled with the shots which was great !!


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