Strawberries and my new lens

Loving the summery weather we have been having – it is great for the soul. We are also loving the first batch of strawberries for this year, very tasty especially with a sprinkling of sugar and whipped cream ( although not very good for the waistline !! )
I have been trying out the 75 – 150 4 f zoom I brought from Ebay, it is very cool but I didn’t have much chance of playing with it before – I have mostly been playing with the 50mm lens which I adore but I thought it was about time for a change so I have been following around the family like a member of the paparazzi and with a zoom lens I can shoot from far away with out them catching me ( and beating me repeatedly around the head with said camera for harassing them LOL !! ) So I got C.J. in the back garden he did spot me after the 6th shot but at least he is now refraining from pulling faces or rude hand gestures – I thinking they are finally accepting that I am not putting the camera down any time soon so they better get used to it.

Next on my list of people to photograph was the small one as she always obliges anyway and I caught her harassing the cat – we finally managed to get Meg to wear a collar , it has only taken three years and lots of lost collars, so much so we actually got her micro chipped down at the vets because she kept taking them off.

The reason for the collar is even though she is always around our house and is healthy and well fed ( in fact a bit too well fed she is getting a quite a belly !!) people assume that she is a stray when she has no collar on and and I wanted to have a way of letting people know that one she is ours and two she DOESN’T drink milk – I know that stereotypically cats might be milk guzzlers but trust me it is not pleasant for anyone if Meg drinks it and the next “well meaning ” person to give it to her is going to have to clean out her litter !!

Enough of the ranting back to good news, Becca is feeling much better now, the extra wires in her mouth are irritating and give her a funny lisp but she is happy the end is nearly in sight so much so she let me take a picture too – miracles will never cease !!

We had to go down to her new school again for the introduction talk – we got the letter that she has been accepted last week and we had to get the “how much of your money will be going on school books and the like ” talk.
I have to say sitting in the hall did take me back to my first day in Kingsway and how scary it all was but Becca is just excited she gets to pick out subjects and is getting a locker so lets hope the excitement lasts at least for the first week anyway.
I have no work to show you this week – bad scrapper that I am I do have a new project up over at Do Crafts though if you want to check it out . As I said I am loving pictures and photography at the moment and if you haven’t check out The Pioneer Woman’s site you should – not only is her life and writing is amazing but now she is doing photography too, she has amazing Photoshop actions for free and lots of tips and advice. I used the actions on this picture of Caitlin from the wedding – they are so easy to use !!

My daughter’s wish I was her – it is the horses that have them hooked – I just wish I had her photography skills.
Talking of horses, Caitlin is to starting to ride next week too and Becca is coming on in leaps and bounds ( literally she did her first jumps last week ) – and you guessed it I will be bringing my camera for that too.


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