The Birthday Pavlova

IT was CJ’s Birthday last Thursday so Caitlin raided my supplies to make a card for him and it turned out better than anything I could come up with at the moment !! We then wrapped his present and made him his favourite dessert – a Pavlova. I am quite proud of this as it was made by my fair hand and it was very tasty which is a miracle as all my family will quickly vouch for I am not the world’s best cook by any stretch of the imagination.

Caitlin helped me with the Pavlova too although think that was just so she could nibble, apparently she had to check it was okay !!

We made CJ his favourite dinner , gave him his presents and then presented him with his “surprise” cake – he enjoyed it which is the main thing !

On Friday our good friend Alan came up and the boys went out for the night leaving me to contemplate my paper situation – I know I will most probably get kicked out of the scrapping fraternity for good for this but I have come to the conclusion that too much paper is a bad thing !!
It took me all day on Sunday to go through the whole lot after which a large bag of paper went into the bin ( sacrilege !!) and an even larger bag went to the girls and the rest got sorted into files by paper manufacture or by colour. I just couldn’t find anything any more which was no way to work constructively.
Helping me with all this sorting was Meg – I say helping sitting on all my paper is the truth but she looked cute so I grabbed the camera before I kicked her off the table and out the door. The next phase of sorting will happen next week after I get some small drawers – Christine Middlecamp has a wonderful way of storing all her embellishment bits and pieces which I am going to try out myself and maybe just maybe I might be able to get out of this terrible funk I am in with it all and get creating again !!


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