Communion Photo’s and Becca’s last day of primary school

There is one problem with being a lazy blogger I have found out – the busier the week the more you end up having to play catch-up.
This was one of those weeks, it all started with last weekend which was truly Dad’s weekend – my Dad had his birthday and Father’s day in the same weekend, we didn’t get to see him at all unfortunately as he was off in their camper van checking out the delights of Kilkenny. These Fuschia I took for him as he loves them , I took them while I was checking the light for my first ever proper “Family photo shoot”.

On Sunday I had been asked by a family to take some pictures.
I had taken a picture of their daughter at the communion as she is in Caitlin’s class and they had loved it. I did warn them I am no expert but they said they like the way the picture looked so natural so with my camera in hand I headed off for the afternoon and snapped away like a loon. Luckily they are a photogenic bunch 🙂

I loved the way they had dress in matching outfits too without prompting from me, and they put up with all my suggestions to move here there and everywhere 🙂

Dara looked gorgeous – she is such a pretty little thing and her little brother is so cute I could just cuddle him all day.

Caitlin came with me, I wasn’t going to bring her to be honest as I didn’t want to be distracted but Dara had insisted and it made her feel more comfortable and give to Caitlin her due she behaved so well that I was actually happy I had brought her.

I delivered my pictures to the family on Thursday and they are thrilled which is great , I have now been booked by Dara’s Auntie to do her family pictures soon.
I actually did some scrapbooking on Monday as I had no Rachel and used the pictures of Caitlin’s art week activities and lots of older Basic grey.

Tuesday was the final Mass at school to say goodbye to the 6th class pupils and it was followed by a presentation ceremony, Becca got awards for Debating and Football achievements ( Cue proud Mum moment )
Wednesday was Becca’s last ever day of Primary school, sniff sniff , my baby is all grown up.

They were all allowed to wear their own clothes for a change and Becca had made an album for her teacher with all the pictures taken in class that year and as her teacher is a keen photographer there were lots of pictures ( which Becca only got on Monday so it was a rush job to get this finished !!)

We actually managed to filled an 8 x 8 album with them. Becca and I did pages ( to cut down on time ) and I have to admit the girl has got talent for this scrapbooking lark.

We finished the whole thing with a “thank – you ” from the class which was written by Becca, Becca loved her final teacher and will really miss her.

Teacher was thrilled with the album which was presented with flowers and wine and chocolates from the kids in the afternoon.
Thursday was the last Guide/Brownie meeting before summer too – we held a party for them at a nearby children’s play centre. They had a ball literally this is one of the few I managed to get of Caitlin, I have lots of the leaders on the slide though to use for bribery if needs be 🙂

Friday we went and ordered Becca’s uniform for secondary school and had the wee one for the day – she is flying along with the talking now it is so funny , her latest was “Bebbeb stop that now, my bootball !” while standing with one hand on her hip and waggling the finger of the other.

Becca was stunned into silent laughter and dropped the “bootball ” in question. Yep this kid has decided to skip the whole one word at a time and is going for whole sentences instead.
So yesterday we did the usual Saturday stuff – shopping, cleaning and the girls had riding, the girls are moving classes next week to the intermediates class and they have also graduated up on the horses.

Caitlin who adored Billybob, the tiny little pony she started out on, still goes and see him and pets him each week though.
She is now riding Quest the horse that Rebecca first rode – she is a gentle horse but a lot bigger than Billlybob but Caitlin is holding her own. Becca is now riding Prince who is huge and she is definitely getting much more controlled and looks like a natural on a horse which is why the teacher is moving them up a level. It is great they have an activity they both adore – it even seems to have brought them closer together as they both can talk non-stop about horses to each other.
So that was the week that was – I am off to pack away uniforms for the summer and empty school bags for the last time ( well for Becca ) Caitlin has 3 more days left which she is very disgruntled about but it is not like they are doing much to be honest !!


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