The week the Blog disappeared !

I better explain my last post – last week I was all set to post some new stuff on the blog when the bookmark I have on my machine to get me here wouldn’t work , it kept claiming my blog didn’t exist !!
I managed to get into the blog the long way round but when I got there the cupboard was bare “so to speak”. All my images were gone , my slide show was missing , great big chunks of text gone – I started to panic slightly as I have been writing this baby for nearly three years, it is my connection with my family and friends around the world and I thought I had lost the whole thing. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I first feared , as usual CJ saved the day and got me back on track. He is going for super hero this week as he also fixed the washing machine which was refusing to work and cooked dinner tonight.

When I wasn’t panicking about blogs and broken washing machines, we managed to enjoy the only day of continuous sunshine we have had all summer by grabbing the hose and having a good old fashioned water fight.

I say we – I mean of course the girls as I had hold of a camera and a baby to keep an eye on.

When they weren’t soaking themselves with the hose they were firing water pistols, even the baby joined in

I gave her a big bowl and pouring cups and she played happily for ages and when the water got to shallow for the cups she splashed like a mad thing – she loves the water.

I did a lot of scrapbooking – my Mum asked me if I had stopped doing it when she was up this weekend, as less and less work is on the blog and stuff but as I explained. I do so much for work now that has to be kept for publishing that I don’t get to put as much up as I used to.

So here is one I did for the Creativity Life site challenge. The challenge is to create a layout based around song lyrics – I used the Ting – Tings “That’s not my name ” in honour of Becca and the fact she has been called so many names because of her braces but they can’t use them any more.
The challenge runs until the 14th of August so you still have time to enter and win some goodies.

Mum and Dad made it up to us this weekend – I am annoyed with myself as I meant to take pictures this time and as usual I was distracted and forgot ! We were so glad to spend time with them, I know they worry that they cause havoc when they come up and Mum even threatened to start behaving herself this weekend, I have told her she can’t – it takes all our hope of having fun when we are grandparents away !! I love them just the way they are – they are the right side of silly 🙂

I did take a picture of Caitlin – it is the only one I took all weekend in fact , we had popped into Jennie’s work and they had a Bar-be -que and face-painting on that afternoon.
The girls doing the face-painting were worried abut being out of practise so Caitlin volunteered to be the practise run !!

I think it was lovely and Caitlin liked it which is the main thing.

Oh and if you are wondering what this instrument of torture is – it is in fact a fish scales.
If you are flying anywhere in the near future and want to avoid getting caught out by luggage restrictions ( anyone flying with Ryanair will know what I mean !!) get yourself one of these babies.
I got this one from Argos this weekend – they are great and even have a tape measure if you are measuring hand luggage sizes. It will be getting used soon enough when we set off to France. I am slightly worried though that I have a picture of this but not of my lovely parents even though they were with me when I brought it.


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