Mamma Mia here I go again !!

Mamma Mia here I go again !!
I went to see this with the sister on Tuseday and it was fantastic fun, if you are looking for a good giggle you should go.
I haven’t laugh that loud in a public place for a long time and I also have an overwhelming desire to burst into song and run off to a Greek Island all at the same time.
The location for the film looks idyllic to say the least and the film was pure unadulterated fun, mind you it helps if you like Abba, I remember going around to Emma G’s house as a young one to listen to her Mum’s Abba albums so they hold fond memories for me 🙂

Caitlin is occupied this week – she is off at summer camp up at Little Monkey’s everyday which is keeping her busy to say the least.

I have been busy, organising stuff mainly, my life is all about the organising right now – stuff for work , stuff for hols , stuff for school ( and I am not a naturally organised person !!) This layout is up over on the Creativity Life website so I can share it with you, finally I have scrapped those Bluebell pictures I took.

Besides that we have been mostly dodging the rain. Will it ever stop ? I am getting webbed feet and I swear gills will start forming on us all soon.
We had the visit from the Little Bro Mark who is looking well and it was lovely to see him, the kids were thoroughly spoilt , he treated them to Mario Carts to play on the Wii – it is great fun.

Also I had to share yet another caterpillar find – this crazy fella was in our back garden you would think something this colourful would turn into a spectacular butterfly but no he is the dullest looking moth you have ever seen – the females of this species can’t even fly !! So it is a good job we found him before he changed 🙂


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