Hi Mum and Dad – I know you are checking in while down in Oz and yes I feel guilty I haven’t updated sooner.

I was full of good intentions but I had no pictures and I hate having no pictures as I know my writing skills aren’t up to much.

I did have this picture – it is my layout for the Creativity Life website challenge this month – pop over if you would like to win some goodies

It is not that we were not doing anything this week either.
Becca had her election unfortunately she didn’t quite get though ( she is not too upset though ) the head of the boy’s GAA team got it which she thought was kind of expected , such a sensible head on her has my girl.
Caitlin got to go swimming twice as she has been behaving so well but I couldn’t take pictures of that as they get kind of narky at the pool 🙂
And I forgot the camera for riding which is a shame as Caitlin and Becca were cantering with no hands – yes on purpose – it was to teach them to control the horse with the legs and not to constantly rely on their reins.

I did take pictures of Cailtin’s nails – why ? because she got the nail polish as part of her star chart she gets to choose 4 different prizes each week when she hits certain star targets and for 20 stars she got sparkly nail polish.
The whole star chart thing requires lots of effort on all our parts but the difference in behaviour has been noticeable to say the least. Even teacher has commented on it.

Becca has started to be more organised and cleaner too which my biggest bug bear with her ! Which is why I took this
Okay it isn’t perfect ( hospital corners are not know to this girl ) but her bed has been made every day this week I could almost cry with happiness at not having to nag her into doing it- I know it is the little things that make me happy !!

The girls also made miniature gardens, truthfully I am not sure what made them make them other than boredom and rainy days but they are cute and are living on the kitchen window sill for now.

I made this Halloween banner too also due to rainy days and free time as Jennie was off this week and I was Rachel free. I am going to put it on the door nearer to the day but it is living in the living room for now.
I used Lil Davis chipboard banner shapes and Scenic Routes Salem papers to make the base for the letters.

The letters are Tim Holtz grunge board – which I inked and then embossed with Sparkly black embossing powder and my trusty heat gun.

The pumpkin I made by drawing onto patterned paper and paper piecing it together.

The spider’s web I drew on the paper with an embossing pen and then used the sparkly powder again and made my spider from the middle of a grunge board letter and card stock strip legs.

I also made a Christmas card as promised – I wanted to try something different so I tried a transparent card.

I cut two pieces of paper exactly the same size and glued on either side of the transparency to make sure no glue was showing and I added the Merry Christmas with Stays-On ink.

Finally I believe this is out in the first week of November and I am quite chuffed as both the layouts on the cover are mine 🙂


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