The Papermania Christmas Wreath


Mum and Dad were here over the weekend fresh from their holiday in Oz. They had a marvellous time, so much so they didn’t really fancy coming home to freezing cold, damp Ireland ( don’t blame them there ) and they brought back a ton of pictures and lots of stories.

I love that they took pictures just for me – like this one of the butterfly it is one my Mum took for me, how cool is that ? It is cool because they think I am the one into photography and pretty things and because it is of my birth country. Thanks Mum and Dad it means a lot and was the best present ever.

They also got to see lots of people – my Auntie Chris and Uncle Kevin, my Cousins Phillip and Steven, some old family friends ( Hi Sue ) and my Godmother and her husband. And apparently they are all checking in on the blog – no pressure or anything you understand.
I would love to go back to Oz myself – it is on my “things to do before I shed this mortal coil ” list

What else have we been up too ? Well we made cupcakes,

Cait and I did anyway, it was part of her star chart rewards. I love that she picks creating things as a reward as well as treats and stuff. We found the wonderful Bakerella site recently while blog-hopping and Caitlin is so excited about the cupcake pops that they are on the star chart this week.

Cailtin also managed to read 20 books for the MS Readathon and qualified for the Cross country running team – I didn’t know she could run so fast, she definitely didn’t inherit that one from me !!

Becca has been doing her bit too she is now on a committee at school which is organising a shoebox collection for needy kids, she took all the spare Christmas wrapping paper with her to school the other day. She is getting more independent ( and I am trying not to panic while she does it ) and going out with friends and has that teenage condition of a phone permanently attached to her. She also let me take this picture willingly without bribery or threatening – miracles will never cease !!

Rachel is now 20 months old and an absolute drama queen she loves to put out her bottom lip and wobble it and I constantly have to try and keep a straight face when she is doing it because laughing is not the reaction she is after. Her favourite phrase is “I scared” which started during Halloween and seems to have stuck.

We also lit sparklers on November 5th just for an excuse to mess really not because of the whole Guy Fawkes thing don’t you know.

I made this wreath – there was a fabric version in a magazine and I got a mad notion that I could make it out of paper if I tried and that is how this all got started.

I can tell you it takes 3 sheets of Papermania Christmas line 12 x 12 and 2 pieces of card one for the base and one for the trees and holly and lots of ribbon.

I actually made another on this evening – smaller, black and lime green and very trendy, it is for Becca’s room I have no pictures yet but will take one, Cailtin now wants one too for her room – look at what I have started !!


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