T’was the Night Before Christmas

Well tonight is the night when we will make hot chocolate and cookies and read the “Twas the night before Christmas ” and hang up the stockings in preparation for the big guy in red arrival – letters have been sent, the stockings have been gotten down ready for hanging and I have been wrapping presents like a demon !!
So are you ready ?

Caitlin and I made these gorgeous peanut and chocolate chip cookies – which taste just like Reece’s cups- yummy, but they lasted all of five minutes so will have to make more.

Mum and Dad will be up tomorrow with Mark and David and Finn will be here on St Steven’s day as will the lovely Bern ( we didn’t scare her off !!)
Everyone has had a cold or cough which is not so much fun and Rachel actually ran into the table today and gave herself a matching pair of shiners for Christmas, I am going to have to photoshop those Christmas pictures aren’t I !?!
The poor thing looks awful but according to the doctor miss her eyes and didn’t do any damage ( no matter how appalling it looks) and only had a very mild concussion – eeek !
Rachel is a danger mouse at the best of times but she has never hurt herself under my care and I was gutted but thank goodness her Mum is totally cool about the whole thing – she knows her daughter well enough.

And we finally put up the trees and we have two as usual – the kids in the hallway which is so fun and the main one in the Living room. Which has been a nightmare to get a picture of to be honest, this is the best I could get.

Cait was a great girl and posed as usual for me as she was putting the baubles up on tree and I took the obligatory picture of myself in the bauble of course.

We found this amazing tree skirt for under the tree by pure accident in T K Maxx – now I will admit that I have never ever been in the shop before and I found it the oddest place ever with stuff piled everywhere but this skirt was worth it because all the other ones I have seen were twee or red and gold but this one is a beautiful shade of pale blue and cream and made from wool.

This layout is about last year’s tree and was featured over at Docrafts this week and I spotted it on the TV too yesturday – Cailtin is famous LOL.

I have been so behind and spent this week finishing up all the cards, this was the last one, can you say cutting it fine !

But I am pleased because I manage to get them all in the post before the deadlines for Christmas rolled around which is always handy.
We also made the presents for Caitlin’s class, we made them all Reindeer poop, which was Malteasers and marshmallows for those who think that actual poop might be a bit strange to hand over to impressionable kids. We had 28 bags to make up and clever old me decided that we had to hand stamp every bag – like I wasn’t busy this week but thank goodness we managed it.

The brilliant labels are from Organized Christmas which I know it is a bit late now but trust me is a great site if you are feeling a bit frazzled and need help with all this Christmas stuff.

We also made up hot chocolate mix for the teachers and I designed these labels for them using an idea seen on an American site, I made my own design though as the ingredients they used were not available here so I had to improvise.

This is the second type I made we used them for Becca’s friends. I know it is so amazingly late but they are so quick to whip up – we used 5 big spoons of hot chocolate, 1 of powder milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, a layer of chocolate chips and a layer of mini marshmallows to finish it off, we found the easiest ways to fill the bags was to place the bag inside a glass and fill in layers.

Well as it is late and I need to sleep I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a fabulous New Year.
To all my family and friends you know we love you and will hold you in our hearts over Christmas. xxxxxx


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