Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year – I know I said it already but this is my first actual post of the new year so I thought it bared repeating.
I unfortunately still am suffering from the nasty cough that had hold of me over Christmas – it is hack , hack , splutter all day long and I am truly tired of it now !

New years eve we didn’t do much but Jennie and John came over with the wee one and we rang in the new year with Jool’s Hootenanny and Fizzy wine. Rachel slept on Becca’s beds and we let Becca and Caitlin stay up until midnight for the first time. They loved it and the neighbours let off fireworks at the stroke of midnight to add to the excitement.
I had spent all of New Year’s eve cleaning and sorting – it is a silly superstition but I hate starting the new year with a dirty house – all the beds were changed, bins emptied, floors vacuumed ect. I would have taken down the decorations but we like to wait until the 6th of Jan ( yet another silly tradition I suppose)
As per usual I have made no resolutions – honestly why do people set themselves up to fail it seems so silly ? I would rather just change stuff on my own terms and end the month with less guilt. I am trying to take one picture a day though which if you are in the scrapbooking fraternity you will no doubt have heard all about – but if I don’t do it I am not going to panic or feel failure, sure I took more than enough pictures last year without any pressure.

I took a picture on the 1st of my new organiser – the one the girls got me for Christmas. Why because I spent the first filling in all the addresses and phone numbers and important dates in it, you know in the hope of keeping me organised.

The 2nd of Jan I took my new lens – why ? Because I love it and I love it more because I know that the “Santa” that got it had to really put some effort in to get hold of it – they had to research and find it and get it delivered in time – Santa was worried because it wasn’t new and looked slightly rough around the edges, but as I explained the glass is perfect, it matches perfectly with my camera and it is automatic ( most of my lenses are manual to save on cost) I feel blessed to have people that care so much about me.

Also back on the second was Rachel and who is back in good form.
Rachel is feeling so much better although she seemed to realise I was ill and was such a good girl. she kept patting me on the head and going “aahhhh mama – you kay ?” I was actually grand until she went home when I promptly fell unconscious on the sofa.
All I can say is thank god for my Husband otherwise the kids would have starved by now, he has been doing all the cooking and not just any old cooking, braised steak and duck in wild berry sauce have been some of the delights he has served up ( I should get sick more often !!)

January 3rd and the kids went riding with all their new gear looking very swish – I couldn’t go an hour in a cold, damp arena would do nothing to improve my condition so I stayed home sadly 😦

Today the 4th we had a chill out day – Caitlin declared a duvet day and spent all day in her new PJ’s – we did play a round of Harry Potter Cluedo and watch The Goonies but it was a very calm day all in all – just a little bit of Caitlin craziness to be had !!

I have to admit I haven’t done a bit of scrapbooking since before Christmas – hard to be creative when you feel rotten so I will have to leave you with this layout – I did it last year and never got around to sharing it anywhere so I share it with you lot – it is my brother and my gorgeous sister in law on their wedding day.

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