Fighting the Good Fight against a cold

Here we are in week two of the year and yes I am still fighting the good fight against this cold, mind you today – touch wood ! I am not coughing too much and I might actually be winning this battle.
I continued with my picture a day or more depending on what was going on. Monday for example I took two the first being what have been my friends recently – tissue, lemsip and orange ( for the vitamin c don’t you know ) sad I know but my life for the past 3 weeks has been an endless cycle of these things.

I also took the recycled tins – one because I was actually recycling them and two because I thought I better capture my nutty behavior for the record. My nearest and dearest think it is a bit crazy of me to be so obsessed with getting them spotless before they hit the recycling bin but I hate them being dirty – why I can’t actually explain but I always wash them and take off the paper and squash them – this is just the way it should be as far as I am concerned. See I am crazy !! It is nearly as crazy as my dishwasher sorting behaviour but that is a post for another week I think.

Tuesday the 6th was Little Christmas, Epiphany or the Twelfth Night call it what you will but that is when the Christmas tree and all the other loveliness of Christmas gets put carefully away for another year so I took a picture of one of the baskets of decorations.

It was with sadness and sense of finality we put them away but also it was time for them to go if you know what I mean – time to move on. Little Christmas is when the hubby is supposed to cook which is kind of ironic since CJ has been doing so much of the cooking recently but he did oblige and made us a lovely dinner to fill our tummies before we tackled the main tree.

On Wednesday the girls returned to school – they were not happy bunnies about it but again it was time. Becca is not the happiest in the morning ( typical teenager !!) but Caitlin was kind enough to pose for five minutes in her new coat from her Granny and Grandpop she really did appreciate how warm it was this week.

When she arrived home in the afternoon she decided to change straight back into her PJ’s and wanted hot chocolate and cake to make up for the horror of returning to school – she is still not quite out of holiday mode.

Thursday we woke up to the coldest day of winter yet -10C I know this might seem warm to some who live with the cold all the time but it has NEVER been this cold here !! It was so icy on the way to school that we literally had to skate down.

Also on Thursday the postman arrived with my other Christmas present, you see CJ had ordered a flash for my camera for Christmas but it wasn’t going to arrive on time (hence the frantic buying of the DS a couple of days before Christmas) So I have a new toy to play with and it is back to the books to learn exactly what to do with it – I am just about getting there although getting it wireless is still alluding me not helped by the fact that the manual was in Chinese which no matter how pretty it looks written down I can’t read !

Friday Rachel was here and is now 22 months old – not long until she is two now. She is such a funny little one but the two year old tendencies are already showing themselves – temper tantrums are more frequent but she also says “sowee” a lot. I took a couple of pictures to mark the passing month she is so used to the camera that she asks to see “Me” in the cameras viewing screen now.

Saturday – ie yesterday was a day full of catching up with washing and shopping and riding and not much else until the evening. Caitlin asked if she could play with her new floating playdoh but I was reluctant to allow bucket of water to be messed with ( been there – regretted that !!) and suggested she had a bath with it instead to save my carpets although she had already had a shower already after riding.

So the conversation went like this Caitlin – “As it is not a real bath I don’t need to wash do I Mum” Me ” Well no I suppose not but washing isn’t a bad thing you know – why do you ask ?”
Caitlin – “Well I was thinking my swimsuit would be a good idea” Me ( confused) “Why would it be a good idea ?” Caitlin – “Well if I wear my red and blue one it will match my fishing rod and you take a picture of my fish ” Me – “Ahhh I see – I like the way you think Cait! “
Which is how these pictures happened LOL

Today I spent quite awhile sorting pictures and adding them to this blog ect – so long in fact that these pictures where taken while I was updating the blog ( talk about up to the minute !!)

Becca actually had time to cook scones for lunch – yummy they were too, light and fluffy and totally tasty. She is becoming a good little cook.

But while they were being consumed Caitlin finally lost the tooth that has been threatening to fall out since Christmas and even sticky toffees wouldn’t shift !! So the tooth fairy will be paying a visit tonight it seems.

Finally after all that I leave you with a layout of Nantes – we loved Nantes it was the perfect last day of our holiday.

I also did a card to match – why am I leaving you with stuff I did last year because I still haven’t done one single thing since the start of the year – not sure I know how anymore 😦 Anyone know how I can shake this flunk I am in ??


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