Twilight, School Reports and Layouts

I think I might have to start posting twice a week – all these pictures can take an age to upload and sort out – now to find the time and the energy to post more than once there is the problem.

Anyhoo the cough has finally abated – just the occasional cough in the morning and evening just to remind me that I had it but nothing like it was thank goodness. I am starting to feel more human and that has been nice although another kind of “fever” has taken over the house.

Becca got the Twilight books for Christmas and loved them so she gave me the first one to read – what can I say I devoured it and was hooked. Vampires, Werewolves and Romance what’s not to love ??
We read the second one New Moon at the same time (I would take the book while she was at school) it was like a competition to see who could make it to the end first they are so addictive.

We are now on the third book Eclipse although I have had to take Jennie’s copy to read as Becca is actually reading it for English so it has to go to school with her ( darn it !!)
I took pictures of the books that are dominating my evenings and bring my eldest daughter and I closer as we discuss the plot because I don’t want to forget the impact they are having in the house right now. She has even offered to come to the cinema to see the film with me which would have been unheard off before now.
Tuesday I attended Becca’s Parent /Teacher evening – her first at secondary school – it actually was quite a pleasant experience as Becca’s teachers all gave her glowing reports and to find out she is doing Honours Maths now was a very nice surprise although her teacher had the bigger surprise when I explained the last few years of Becca’s maths progress to him !! He is blown away by how she has caught up and but is going to keep an eye on her just in case she struggles at all – such I nice fellow.

Her English teacher made me laugh though when she said how frustrating Becca’s “laid back approach ” can be and how her forgetfulness is a pain but she too likes Becca a lot and expects great things from her, she asked my permission to “kick her up the bum ” a bit and I wholeheartedly agreed with her – it is so nice to meet teacher that care about your kid so much.

On Wednesday I decided that the front door was looking too bare after Christmas and so Caitlin and I went to the local Nursery and picked out some Cyclamen and Snowdrops and planted up some pots.
Also my new album arrived – I have been buying ring bound albums to transfer my layouts into as my albums are over-flowing and postbound albums are so hard to fill and move things around in. I have far to many layouts just lying around looking for a home it is very bad of me and I think is one of the reasons I am reluctant to make more.

On Thursday Caitlin needed to get a photograph for School (the same competition that Becca took part in last year ). And we were a bit late off the mark to be honest.

So I set up my old Fuji for her so she could take things but she wanted to know more, she wanted to do macro shots and headed out to the new plants for a close up – not a bad picture if you ask me.

Then she wanted to know how I made pictures with the sparklers last year. We had no sparklers left so we used a little torch and I taught her how to use bulb mode and after 20 minutes she had got some cool pictures of me drawing light shapes in the air. She was really interested in how the camera worked.

Friday Rachel was here much as she had been all week but that day she was just in such a nutty humour I spent half the day under the table in the kitchen hiding from “tigers” but she did allow me to take pictures of her as a trade off.

Also the strangest thing happened the plants in the back garden which I was going to throw out thinking the winter had done them in actually flowered. All the frosts and the lousy weather and they are still alive !!

Yesterday was so quiet a day truthfully, the kids went riding, I did cleaning and in the afternoon the weather was so rotten that there was not much else to do so I actually did a layout – yes I know that is a bit of a shock but hey I have a home for it at least now so I took a picture of that which is harder to take pictures of than you think – I could not for the life of me get a straight one, Scanning was so much easier !!

and today I finished a notice board off for Caitlin’s room it is very pink and girlie which I took a picture off today – really have to get a more interesting life to do this picture a day thing I think LOL


3 thoughts on “Twilight, School Reports and Layouts

  1. Jo Power says:

    Wow glad your DD is doing well at school. I have found the same with postbound albums and intend to go to ring binder very soon. Love the photo’s your daughtewr took A photographer in the making.


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