Happy Birthday Auntie Chris

Firstly – Happy Birthday Auntie Chris 🙂 I have been thinking lots about my lovely Auntie Chris – she will be here next month and it is her birthday this week but the truth is the reason I have been thinking of her a lot is because of this little lady.

You see when I was little Auntie Chris used to look after me in much the same way that I mind Rachel and I was thinking how I most probably didn’t thank her enough for the care I got – I know I was a happy kid and I loved my childhood and it is now that I spend time with Rachel that I realise how she most probably won’t remember all the nutty things we do together now and that we adore her in this house as she is so little.
So thank you so much Auntie Chris we can’t wait to see you and Uncle Kevin next month xx

As for this week well a lot of it was spent with Rachel we played under the table again – she likes it under there !!
We also played with the cute little boxes my Mum sent up – how gorgeous are these babies they are small enough to fit inside lunchboxes filled with dried fruit and nuts.

We also had snow this week – lots of snow it came down in drifts and turned all around white.

The poor flowers I took last week were covered in white stuff – I obviously spoke to soon about their winter survival – that will teach me !

I took a picture of me – why well occasionally I think maybe you all wonder what I am looking like these days but self portraits are hard work I tied myself up like a pretzel to get this shot.
Mainly because I was too lazy to get out the tripod.

Becca did this picture this week for art – truthfully I think it is great , especially as this was not the one she actually handed in the end, this was the reject !! She is a talented bean in my books.

I did this layout about my Mucky faced child.

And I leave you with Miss Rachel again – she was talking to me about the Bo Bo’s on Go Diego Go she thinks they are very naughty – she is most probably right !!


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