The MS Readathon

Wow I can’t believe it is February already – I have a busy month ahead of me not least because both the girls have birthdays coming up. Becca will be 14 ( eekk !!) and Caitlin will be 9 before the month is through. We also have Finn’s birthday to celebrate and Auntie Chris and Uncle Kevin’s arrival to look forward to, add all that to half term break and you have a whirlwind of a month to contend with.

The last week of January was less hectic thank goodness.

Monday I got a new printer – why did we get a new printer ? Well the “main” printer is only installed on the computer in the kitchen which is always ( and I mean always ! ) taken over by my lovely eldest daughter in the evening, which is usually the time I want to use it.
I also have a little amazing Samsung tri-colour printer which does print photos perfectly but it is a nightmare to get supplies for – they are always hard to get hold of.

So I am stuck half the time if I want to print stuff out to work with so CJ got me this little beauty – it is wireless so I can print from my laptop so life has become much simpler.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day, it was sunny and actually above freezing ( not like today then ! ) So I took Rachel out for a walk before we both went stir crazy. We headed to the lake to savour the fresh air – I took pictures of the lake ( my first this year ) and we fed the “ducks” – actually they are swans but Rachel was having none of it, so ducks they were called.

In the afternoon with the sun streaming into the kitchen Rachel was fascinated with her shadow on the door so we played with shadow for awhile until the sun started to set.

Wednesday – was the Parent /Teacher conference for the youngest, academically she is doing great but she puzzles her teacher completely (which is usually the same thing I hear year after year !)
Teacher is a bit dumbfound by Cait and the way she reacts completely differently to situations than every other kid in class , not in a bad way, I mean she is always well behaved in class but in an unusual way that is for sure – Welcome to my world teacher !!

Caitlin decided to help with the cooking that night, she prepared salad for me. I think she was making sure I was okay with the report I got, which I was, I know exactly what she is like , she is unique that is for sure and the salad was good too.

Caitlin also got her prize that day for doing the MS readathon – she is very proud of her certificate and delighted with the noisy drumsticks ( I am not so delighted with those if I am honest ) but batteries go eventually don’t they ?

Thursday I decided I needed to feel a bit more spring like so I made this to brighten up my mantelpiece – actually I started it ages ago but finally finished it off this week – full of good intentions I intend to make one for each season to adorn the mantel, only time will tell if I manage it though.

We also made rainbow crayons – where you use all the old bits of crayons and melt them into new ones, it is a great way of using up scraps and they look pretty.

Friday our good friend Alan came up for a visit – it has been awhile and it was great to go out for dinner and catch up, turns out his lovely girlfriend read the blog ( Hi! Michelle 🙂 ) and is also reading the Twilight series. I adored the 4th book, it is refreshingly different to the rest of them and I think it helps if you are older to understand it – it is clearly for an older audience.
Michelle kindly recommended “Midnight Sun” which is on the website – I have read it , it is such a shame that it was leaked because I would love to see the finished book so I hope Stephenie finds a way to finishes it one day.

Saturday it was riding again – the guys took the girls down while I was left to my own devises, apparently Caitlin nearly hit the floor while doing a particularly high jump but managed to control herself and recover her seat ( thank goodness !! ) – she told me all this with relish while munching her tomato soup and freshly baked bread.
Saturday night Becca was off to her friends for the night – the place was so quiet without her to be honest and we can’t figure out why as she is not the noisy one by any means.

Finally as always I will leave you with a layout of Becca – it is one of my favourite pictures of her last year.


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