Chris and Kevin’s visit

I am the worst photographer ever and I am sure my family blogging rights should be removed forthwith !! Why ? Because I missed all the great pictures this weekend and it was a weekend to be remembered. I am even in this post having to rely on backup pictures from my Dad – yes that is how bad I am !!

On Wednesday Auntie Chris and Uncle Kevin came to visit all the way from Oz. I was a very naughty Mammy and wilfully let my kids miss school in order to meet them after they flew in to Dublin, it is not exactly like they can pop in every week now is it but it turns out I wasn’t really lying about fained illness after all.

Becca had been off school anyway for a stomach bug the day before and Caitlin obviously caught it because if she was looking pale at lunch in Starbucks with her Uncle Kevin – she was totally green after it and promptly saw her lunch again outside in the bushes, poor kid, she was so ill a passing doctor asked did we need help !!
Despite all this it was fabulous to see Chris and Kevin again and we couldn’t wait until Friday when everyone descended on our little patch of Ireland for a proper family party.

We had double reasons for celebrations as it was also Finn’s birthday on Valentine’s day so we had dinner for 15 to cook and enough desserts to feed a small army to dish up. Now cooking for that amount of people is a bit of a crazy undertaking in our humble kitchen and it was only managed with whole lot of help from Jennie, Mum and everyone else to be honest. Totally a group effort.

But we ate, we drank , we did a little dancing ( again there is video footage to bribe everyone with ) we resumed our infamous charades that started at Christmas – honestly you do one charade of Batman and you are never allowed to live it down !! There was 5 versions of Batman in the hat to try and catch me out – evil people !!

We had a very lush chocolate fudge cake for Finn, which I have not one picture of and after Finn had blown out her candles little Rachel insisted on re-enacting the event over and over again for every bodies amusement. Again do I have amazing pictures of this ?? Nope I was too busy laughing like a drain along with everyone else.

Everyone stayed overnight and the next day, after long leisurely breakfasts some of us braved a walk down by the lake to shake off some of the excesses of the night before. Even Rachel walked most of the way.

It was a bit like walking with the Paparazzi the amount of cameras that were out, what with Dad and Chris and myself LOL

I can’t imagine what people thought when they saw us all but it is not often we are all together and I knew I had let myself down on the picture front the night before so I snapped away.

There is a round walk we usually do but we decided to take a “small” detour and ended up in woods we have never been to before – they are lovely and I am shocked that we have never found them before after being here for more than two years !!

But it was about 3km long and the rest – so a bit longer than we thought !!
Also it was Valentine’s day and the whole chocolates and flowers stuff had to be done – my darling hubby came up trumps with suitably mushy card and pressies bless him .

Unfortunately all too quickly it came time to say goodbye again but there was time for one last picture of all of us together.

Hopefully everyone had a good time and will forgive my lack of pictures and awful storytelling abilities ( I did tell Kevin I have to edit A LOT with this nutty family of mine – no one would believe half the things they get up too !!)


2 thoughts on “Chris and Kevin’s visit

  1. amber jane says:

    She is being her typical teenage self Kirsty – sure we made her move and appear in a picture, evil people that we are !! LOLWere your ears burning this weekend ? We were talking about you and Blackpool 😀


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