Pancakes and a Walk in the Woods

We are totally stuff to the gills with Pancakes – how about you ?
I am so behind with the catch up I know but it has been one hell of a week and the large amount of pictures to be sorted was daunting.
I will try and get them all processed but I have to find one of the SD cards as well ( and it is an important one !! ) Anyway enough excuses back to the blogging, it was one hell of a week and it still isn’t over because my daughters are in birthday mode.
Caitlin was actually 9 on Sunday but the week started early as for her birthday present she wanted her ear pierced and as we knew we would be busy this weekend we went down during the week while the girls were on half term.

She was such a brave bean she didn’t even flinch or cry in fact ” it didn’t hurt at all “
The girls had half term and we tried to make the most of the good weather even if Rachel wouldn’t put the brolly down – she wants to walk everywhere now which came in handy later in the week.

As the girls were off and the weather wasn’t rotten for a change we went back to the woods to see what else we could find ( they are huge it turns out !) We all walk for miles even wee Rachel, who just walked and ran and jumped through the woods.

Caitlin dressed herself – it was an eclectic mix to say the least but she is nutty enough to try and pull it off so who am I to argue.

We found a little fort and a bridge and a waterfall and still didn’t take in all the woods it was crazy but the girls had a ball even if they got muddy – what is a good walk in the woods without a bit of mud ?

We even saw the first snowdrops the woods were covered in them, it was so pretty.

So they could celebrate together we took Caitlin’s best friend and the girls for bowling and lunch , we actually haven’t been in ages and you know what it is nothing like the Wii – those balls are heavy !

Caitlin and Lauren refused the ramp and did look like they were going to go down the lane with the balls.
Becca even had fun, she wants to go bowling this week for her own birthday treat with her friends. And did I mention I won , the worse things was the kids said if you love us you won’t get another strike which I did – twice !! Total fluke if I was trying to hit them it would have gone in the gutter.

After all that we sprung our last surprise which was to take in the best Disney had to offer this weekend.

I told you it was hectic – we did mange to squeeze in a makeshift cake it was supposed to be caramel but tasted of cinnamon, we used a can of squirty cream and Rolos to decorate.

And I handmade the card too – a handbag for my girlie girl.

We are still exhausted but round 2 starts tomorrow as the eldest is 14 and getting too tall she is now 2/3 inches taller than me and keeps standing beside me to prove it. The cake is ready, the card is brought ( it was too funny not too,trust me ) and presents are wrapped.

Thankfully she has a half day tomorrow so we are doing some retail therapy in the afternoon and it doesn’t stop there because we go to the zoo this weekend for a certain young lady’s 2nd birthday.

I will need a long lie down after this week is through I think LOL


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