Birthdays and Excuses

Okay I have been given out to by at least two people now – I know, I know what’s with the lack of an update but all I can says is life is hectic and sometimes blogging comes last – sad but true.

Well the birthdays are all done now well until April when we have another set of birthdays.
Becca’s birthday was a school day and she was not too happy about it but “the boy ” braved a phone call before school which made her happy ( yes there is a boy -oi my nerves !!) but at least it was a half day that day so I got muffins for lunch to surprise her with.

She celebrated with her friends on the weekend so “the girls” stayed over and with much popcorn and giggling a very late night was had by all. You would think they would be tired after a hectic bowling match but no, it was the wrong side of midnight when I had to threaten murder if they didn’t stop singing ( yes singing !)

Rachel also turned two – now she actually spent her birthday with the Grandparents so we had a little party for her when she came home.

She has been trying , unsuccessfully, to ride Caitlin’s bike recently so we got her a tricycle for her birthday. To say she loves it is an understatement – she actually hugs it everyday and tells it she loves it !!

We opened some presents and had to, of course, blow out more candles and we had ice-cream cake. The kid has blown out so many candles at this stage she is good for the next five years I think.

And she finally learnt to count to more than two, for a while now every number has been two – if it was more than two she was counting she would just say “more” but finally on the week of her birthday she finally got it and she is counting to ten. Okay for some reason she still misses one out but hey it is an improvement. She is just talking up a storm and bright as a button.
Oh and I finally did it too – I broke through the barrier and finally did some scrapbooking, not just one layout either I managed two – Yay me ! I have only one picture to share as I didn’t notice Rachel moving the picture on one of the layouts until it was too late, it is fixed now so I will take a picture tomorrow but I did it and it was easier than I imagined.

It may not be my best work and it might not be fashionable ( yes I know flowers are SO yesterday but you know what I like it and it is one more set of pictures from our holiday in France in the Places we go album.


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