Mark Moves up and my love for Cathy Z

It’s Sunday and currently my roast dinner is being cooked by my hubby ( oh yes I have it good )we haven’t done too much to write home about but I know how you like the regular updates.

First here is the layout I did that Rachel moved the pictures on – I was channelling my inner Cathy Z for this layout – if you have a chance and are a scrapbooker obviously take a look at Cathy Z’s About Design articles they are such a wealth of advice and you only have to see her layouts to realise that they are well designed – they just never seem to age, they always look fresh. Can you tell I am a bit of a fan ?

In other news Mark has come to stay up in our little corner of the world – truth is I have missed him so much since we moved as we were lunch buddies, he would come up for lunch and we would talk, eat and do the sudoku in the paper.

He was looking for a new start and hopefully he will find one here and selfishly I get my lunch buddy back for now and the kids love having him here.

Mum and Dad have finally settled on a dog – welcome to the family Yoshi, he is apparently very docile although very smelly when he arrived they were bathing him the last time I rang.

Caitlin was off sick AGAIN, this time it was Laryngitis. I swear that kid just gets everything going, she is fine now just a bit of a snuffle and the voice is back now – it was a quiet start to the week though.

Becca decided she wanted to dye her hair this week too and I volunteered to do it, mainly to save the bathroom walls as Becca is the messiest kid I know, also I have been dying my hair forever so I know what I am doing.

She is now violet black according to the packet and I wish I could capture it properly on film as it is a gorgeous colour in the sunlight, also it suits her so well and doesn’t look to harsh. She is happy which is the main thing.

Cj is happy after the Rugby yesterday ( I feel sorry for the neighbours though as he is very enthusiastic to say the least !) and as for Miss Rachel she is still nutty and totally into the accessories this week – glasses, handbags, hair clips she is into them all and will insist on wearing them all at once.

Well that is all for now folks – we have Paddy’s day on Tuesday so I will try and update then.


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